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Search for products

  • regarding inventory accessibility – our website updates the data of the inventory continuously, in every 15 minutes; so it shows the current warehouse status of the product. However, this few minutes’ difference and time demand of processing orders may result in that certain products are sold out while your purchase is in progress!
  • about estimated delivery, personal receipt dates – so you can inquire before delivery when you can take over your package.
  • about delivery costs regarding the relevant product – you can, of course, put several products into your basket later on, and we shall not charge this amount several times.
  • over free of charge delivery value limit (HUF 15,000), "Free of charge delivery" message can be read at the delivery cost; if you attain free of charge value limit by purchasing several products, we shall inform you of this on the basket page.
  • purchasers’ evaluation of the product – if you would like to evaluate the product too, you can do it here.

Put the product into the basket

You can put the selected product into your basket in one of two ways:

  • by the blue button “Add to Cart” located below each product on the list page
  • by the blue button “Add to Cart” on the page of the selected product

The content of the basket may be changed any time before finalising the order; therefore, it is expedient to put every product that you like into the basket and later on modify and finalise the basket.

If all the selected products in the desired quantity are in your basket, to start the order process, click on the button ”Proceed to Placing Order” on the right below!

Sign in, registration

To start the order you need to log in, which you can do:

  • As a new purchaser – in this case specify your email address and a password belonging to it in the “Registration” part on the right hand side, then, accept the provisions set out in the GTC and the Privacy Policy information (by ticking the checkboxes) and continue the order.
    If you like, you can sign in for newsletters too!
  • As registered purchaser – specify your email address and passwords under the part "Sign In"
  • Through social networking sites – by your Facebook, Google Plus, LinkedIn account

You can start the order process also by logging in in advance (you have already registered, entered); in this case, of course, you do not need to enter again, from the basket page you will automatically get to the next, "Compile Order" page.

Compile Order

On this page you can select, specify:

  • the form of delivery (Personal receipt, Delivery to your door, receipt at Pick Pack Point)
  • the form of payment (Online bankcard payment, Payment by bank transfer in advance, Cash on delivery)
  • personal data (Name, Phone number)
  • delivery address
  • invoicing address
  • remarks to your order
  • coupon code
  • exchanging regular customer points

From your Own Profile (web store/ social networking sites) your personal data, saved addresses will be automatically completed, thereby simplifying completion of the form!

Review the order

Before placing the order, you will find a detailed summary on your order. Please, check all data carefully.
Here you can find all the ordered products, deducted allowances, delivery fees and the payable subtotal and total amounts, and the delivery and invoicing address can be reviewed too.

If it is necessary to correct any data, you can step back in the order process by the “Back” button on the left at the bottom of the page and make the correction there. If all data are correct, and the order is complete, you can forward your order to us by clicking the button "Send order".

Receipt of the order

You will be informed of successful receipt of your order by our system in an automatic response letter (within one minute).