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Online web store customer service:

Phone: +36 (1) 205 3580
On working days: from 9:00 to 17:00 hours

Concerning your questions, you can inquire among further information of our Customer Service and in Frequently Asked Questions.
Or contact us at the above contact details!

Company data:

Kensho Szolgáltató Kft.
1037 Budapest,
Csillaghegyi út 13.

Company register number: 01 09 718377
Tax number: 13092979-2-41
Data protection register number: NAIH-82056/2015.

In case of bank transfer in advance, account number: 10800007-00000000-14943005 Citibank Europe PLC.
International bank account number (IBAN): HU39 1080 0007 0000 0000 1494 3005
Swift code: CITIHUHX


Delivery to one’s door on working days, we deliver orders placed until 12:00 am. on the following working day by Express One package sending service to your door.
In seasonal periods, the delivery time may be extended by 1-2 working days!

Delivery of packages may be requested to Pick Pack Point too. You can find information on detailed terms here.

In case of personal receipt, the order may be taken over for 5 working days from confirmation, if the package is not taken over, we shall place the product back to shelves, cancel your order, and we’ll inform you of that by email.

Sending back

In case of deficient products: we shall send replacement product free of charge on the basis of consultations with the customer service.
If we can no longer provide the same kind of product, other products may be selected as well, in this case providing, sending replacement products will be also free of charge, only the possible difference in value of the products that might arise must be paid to the courier.

Replacement: it is possible to replace products not owing to defect or deficiency too. Please, contact our customer service and we’ll help you to carry out the replacement quickly and simply.
Please, make sure that the toy sent back in this manner should be in unopened manufacturer’s package!
In case of replacement, you will have to bear the delivery cost!

Cancellation: if you do not like the product taken over for any reason and you send it back within 14 days (its costs will bind you), or you indicate your intention to cancel to us within 14 days and it will be sent back later, our web store will repay the price of the product (and its invoiced delivery fee), once your returned package has been received. The intention to cancel may be communicated orally (by phone or at the customer service of the web store), in writing (in letter or by email) by clear statement, or through statement sample.
You can read about rights, terms of cancellation in details in clause 7 of the "Terms & Conditions".

* For all forms of goods replacement, please, prepare the product to be replaced in closed (possibly cardboard box) packaging until the courier arrives.

Payment and Receipt, Fees

Receipt of package personally:

  • Address of point of receipt: 1037 Budapest, Csillaghegyi út 13.
  • Please, leave only after the email notice with the message: "We have compiled your package, we are waiting for you at the point of receipt!"
  • Receipt on working days from 9:00 to 17:00 hours
  • In the case of personal receipt, you may pay in cash, by bankcard
  • We do not charge any special fee for receipt, free of charge.

Delivery to one’s door:

  • We show the estimated time of delivery of your order among the website information of the relevant product.
  • We inform you of the condition, changes in the delivery status of your package in notification letters to your specified email address and you can check them any time in your own account.
  • You can obtain information about the status of your consignment on the basis of the identification number of your package, by the Express One package follow-up application:
  • If the courier does not find you at home, he will leave a notice on your package.
  • Fees:
    1. Fees for delivery to one’s door valid for consumers (for normal packages):
      on the territory of Hungary: gross HUF 1500 Ft
      in case of purchases over HUF 20,000, delivery is free of charge
      Delivery abroad to neighbouring countries uniformly, without any value limit: Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Croatia: HUF 6,500 Ft
    2. Delivery fee valid for wholesalers, resellers:
      on the territory of Hungary: net HUF 1,180
      Free of charge delivery value limit: net HUF 50,000

Pick Pack Point delivery:

Receipt personally at Pick Pack point is just as fast and comfortable as or may be more comfortable than delivery by courier service because:

  • It provides personal receipt now at more than 700 Pick Pack Points, at 240 settlements of the country
  • Our web store sends a message to you when we hand over the package to the Pick Pack Point logistics unit
  • You can follow up the path of the package by the identification code set out in the message on the site
  • If the package has arrived at the selected Pick Pack Point, the service provider will send an email and text message stating that your package can be taken over
  • The package can be taken over for 7 days following the notice, during opening hours any time
  • On Saturdays, what is more on Sundays, day and night, packages can be taken over at certain Points
  • At most of the places, in addition to payment in cash, bankcards are also accepted
  • The maximum weight and dimensions limit of the package: 15 kg and 50x50x50 cm
  • PPP delivery fee: HUF 690 Ft
    Further details on the Pick Pack Point delivery...

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