Terms & Conditions

General Terms and Conditions


This document will not be filed, is entered into exclusively in electronic form, is not deemed as a written contract, is written in Hungarian, does not refer to code of conduct. In case of any questions arising in connection with the operation, process of orders and delivery of the web shop, we shall be available at our specified contact details.


The effect of this GTC covers the legal relations taking place on Service Provider’s website (http://kensho.hu) and subdomains. This GTC is continuously accessible from the following website: http://shop.kensho.hu/hu/aszf and can be downloaded from the following link: http://kensho.hu/aszf.pdf


1. Service Provider’s data

Service Provider’s name: KENSHO Szolgáltató Kft.

Service Provider’s seat (and point of management of complaints): 1037 Budapest, Csillaghegyi út 13.
Service Provider’s contact details, regularly used electronic correspondence address serving for maintaining contact with users: info@kensho.hu
Company register number: 01 09 718377
Tax number: 13092979-2-41
Name of authority entering it in the register: Court of Registration of the Metropolitan Court
Phone number: +36 (1) 205 3580
Data protection register number: NAIH-82056/2015.
Language of the contract: Hungarian
Hosting provider’s name, address, email address:

Rufftech Kft.,
seat: 7300 Komló, Munkácsy Mihály u. 84.,
office: 1114 Budapest, Orlay u. 2/b.,
email: info@rufftech.hu,
tel.: +36 1 321 7361


2. Basic provisions


  1. With respect to issues not regulated under the present Regulations and the interpretation of the present Regulations Hungarian law governs, paying special regard especially to the relevant provisions Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code (“Civil Code”) and Act CVIII of 2001 on Certain Issues of Electronic Commerce Activities and Information Society Services (“Electronic Commerce Act”) and Government Decree No. 45/2014. (II. 26.) on Detailed Rules of Contracts between Consumers and Businesses. The mandatory provisions of the applicable legislation apply to the Parties without any special stipulation.
  2. The present Regulations shall be effective from 11 April 2016 and shall remain in force until withdrawal. Service Provider is entitled to unilaterally modify the Regulations. Service Provider will publish such modifications on its website 11 (eleven) days before they enter into effect. By using the websites, users accept that all regulations related to use of the websites will be automatically valid with respect to them.
  3. Users, if they enter the web shop website operated by the Service Provider or read its content in any manner – even if they are not registered users of the web shop – acknowledge the provisions set out in the Regulations as binding upon them. If Users do not accept the terms, they will not be entitled to inspect the content of the web shop.
  4. Service Provider reserves all rights with respect to the web shop website, its any details and the contents appearing on it and distribution of the website. It is forbidden to download, electronically store, process and sell the contents appearing in the web shop or any parts thereof without the Service Provider’s written consent.


3. Registration/purchase


  1. By their purchase/registration carried out on the website Users declare that they have read, understood and accept this GTC and the terms of the Data Processing information published on the website, consent to data processing.
  2. During purchase/registration Users are obliged to specify their own, true data. In case of any untrue data or data that may be connected with any other person specified during purchase/registration, the electronic contract made shall be void. Service Provider excludes liability if Users use its service in the name, with the data of another person.
  3. Service Provider will not be liable for any delay in delivery or other problems, defects that may be traced back to erroneously and/or incorrectly specified data.
  4. Service Provider is not liable for any damages arising from the fact that Users forget their password or the password becomes accessible to unauthorised persons for any reason that may not be imputed to Service Provider.


4. Products that may be purchased, scope of services


  1. The displayed products may be ordered exclusively online. The prices displayed with regard to the products shall be interpreted in HUF, or, in case of online form of payment, in EUR, include VAT stipulated by law, however, do not include charges for delivery to someone’s door. Special packaging cost will not be charged.
  2. In the web shop, Service Provider indicates the name, specifications of the product in details, displays a photo of the products. The photos displayed on the data form of the products may vary from the real ones, may appear as illustration only. We do not assume any liability for any difference between the picture appearing in the web shop and the actual look of the product.
  3. If a sale price is introduced, Service Provider will provide full-scope information to Users of the sale and its exact duration.
  4. If in spite of Service Provider’s all care, erroneous price is displayed on the surface of the Web Store, paying special regard to obviously erroneous prices, e.g. significantly different from the publicly known, generally accepted or estimated price of the product, HUF “0” of HUF “1” prices which appear possibly owing to a system error, then Service Provider will not be obliged to supply the product at the erroneous price, but may offer supply at the correct price, and Users with full knowledge thereof may cancel their intention to purchase.
  5. In case of erroneous price, a striking disproportion of value exists between the real and indicated price of the product, which must be immediately noticed by an average purchaser. Pursuant to Act V of 2013 on the Civil Code, the contract is made by mutual and concordant manifestation of the parties’ intention. If the parties cannot agree in the contractual terms, i.e., there is no declaration that mutually and concordantly expresses the parties’ intention, then we cannot speak about a contract that was made validly which rights and obligations might result from. On the basis thereof, an order confirmed at a defective/erroneous price shall be regarded as a void contract.


5. Procedure of placing orders


  1. After registration, Users log in to the web shop/or may start purchase without registration.
  2. Users set the number of items of the product, products intended to be purchased.
  3. Users put the selected product into the basket. Users may any time inspect the content of the basket by clicking the icon “basket”.
  4. If Users do not want to buy any further products, they will check the number of items of the product intended to be purchased. By clicking the link “deletion” they may delete the content of the basket. For finalising the quantity, Users will click the icon “updating/updating basket”.
  5. Users select the manner and address of delivery, and then the form of payment, the types of which are as follows:
    1. Forms of payment:

Personal receipt: Users pay the purchase price of the product in cash or by bankcard at Service Provider’s shop premises. Payment in cash is possible only in Hungarian forint (HUF).

Payment by cash on delivery (for delivery by courier service): If the ordered product is delivered by courier service, it will be possible for Users to pay the total amount of the order to the courier in cash or by bankcard upon receipt of the ordered product(s).

Payment by bank transfer (for receipt from courier, at Pick Pack Pont, personally): Users are obliged to transfer the valuable consideration for the ordered products to the bank account specified in the confirming email message, within 3 days. After the amount has been credited to Service Provider’s bank account, Users will be entitled to take over the product(s) in the manner specified by them.

Payment by bankcard online (for receipt from courier, at Pick Pack Pont, personally): Users may also pay the value of the order online, by bank card through the secure payment system of K&H Bank.


  1. Delivery costs:

Delivery costs valid for consumers:

  • Delivery by courier service: HUF 1500
  • Pick Pack Pont: HUF 690
  • Receipt personally (Csillaghegyi út 13.): free of charge

For purchases over gross HUF 20,000 (by courier, delivery, PPP), delivery is free of charge.

Delivery abroad to neighbouring countries: Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Croatia: HUF 6,500.

Forms of delivery valid for wholesalers, resellers:

  • Receipt personally - Csillaghegyi út 13.: free of charge (forms of payment: bank transfer in advance, payment in cash or deferred payment – according to individual conditions)
  • Delivery by courier service: net HUF 1,180, free of charge delivery value limit: net HUF 50,000 (bank transfer in advance, cash on delivery, deferred payment)
  1. If any defect or deficiency occurs in the product or the prices in the web shop, we shall reserve the right to correction. In this case, after recognising or modifying the defect, we shall immediately inform the buyer of the new data. After that, the buyer may confirm the order one more time, or it will be possible for any of the parties to cancel the contract.
  2. The payable total amount includes all costs on the basis of the aggregation of the order and the confirming letter. The invoice is contained in the package. Users are obliged to examine the package upon delivery in the presence of the courier, and request drawing up a record of any possible damage to the products, packaging noticed; in case of damage, Users shall not be obliged to take over the package. Service Provider will not accept any subsequent complaints without drawing up a record! Delivery of packages is carried out on working days in the period from 8:00 to 17:00 hours.
  3. After the data have been specified, Users can send the order by clicking the button “Placing the order”, however, before doing that they can again check the specified data or may send remarks together with their order, or may indicate their other requests regarding the order to us by email.
  4. Correction of errors in data input: Before closing the process of ordering, Users can every time step back to the previous phase, where they can correct the data entered.
  5. Users will receive confirmation in email message, after the order has been sent. If this confirmation is not received by User within expectable deadline calculated from sending Users’ order, depending on the nature of the service, but within 48 hours at the latest, Users will be exempted from commitment to a binding offer or contractual obligation. The order and its confirmation shall be deemed as received by Service Provider or the User, when it becomes available to them. Service Provider excludes its liability for confirmation if the confirmation is not received in time because Users have specified a wrong email address during their registration or they cannot receive messages because the storage belonging to their account is full.


6. Processing orders and performing purchase and sale


  1. Orders are processed during opening hours. Orders may be placed also outside the times specified for processing the orders; if it is carried out after expiry of working hours, it will be processed on the following day. Service Provider’s customer service will every time confirm electronically when it is able to perform your order.
  2. General performance deadline, within 2 working days from confirmation.
  3. On the basis of purchase and sale contract Service Provider is obliged to transfer the ownership title of the property and User is obliged to pay the purchase price and take over the property.
  4. If seller is a business and buyer is a consumer, and seller undertakes to forward the property to buyer, then risk of damage will devolve on buyer when buyer or the third party specified by him takes the property into possession. Risk of damage will devolve on buyer upon delivery to the carrier, if the carrier has been assigned by buyer, provided that the carrier has not been proposed by seller.
  5. If seller is a business and buyer is a consumer, in the absence of any agreement of the parties to the contrary, seller (in accordance with this GTC: Service Provider) shall be obliged to make the property available to buyer (User) without any delay but within thirty days at the latest after concluding the contract.
  6. In case of Service Provider’s delay, User shall be entitled to set an additional deadline. If seller fails to perform within the additional deadline, buyer will be entitled to cancel the contract.
  7. User shall be entitled to cancel the contract without setting and additional deadline, if

  1. Service Provider has refused to perform the contract; or
  2. the contract should have been performed in accordance with the parties’ agreement or, owing to the recognisable function of the service, within the specified time of performance – and not at another time.
  1. If Service Provider fails to perform its obligation assumed under the contract because the product determined in the contract is not available to it, then it will be obliged to inform User thereof immediately and shall reimburse the amount paid by User, immediately but within thirty days at the latest.
  2. Service Provider does not assume any liability for any possible changes in the technical information, specifications made without notification in advance owing to the supplier or for reasons beyond its control. Service Provider reserves the right to refuse already confirmed orders in part or in whole. Performance in part may be carried out exclusively after consultations with User!


7. Right of cancellation


  1. Pursuant to the regulations of Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council and Government Decree No. 45/2014. (II.26.) on the detailed rules of contracts between consumers and businesses, Consumer may cancel the contract, may send the product back within 14 days from receipt of the ordered product without giving any reasons. In the absence of this information, Consumer is entitled to exercise the right of cancellation until 1 year has elapsed.
  2. The time open for exercising the right of cancellation expires when 14 days have elapsed from the day on which Consumer or the third party specified by him, different from the carrier, takes over the product.
  3. Consumer will exercise his right of cancellation also in the period from the date of concluding the contract to the date of taking over the product.
  4. The cost of sending the product back shall be borne by consumer, if the business has not agreed to bear this cost.
  5. In the case of exercise of the right of cancellation, Consumer will not be encumbered by any costs other than the cost of returning the product; however, Service Provider may demand reimbursement of material loss arising from use contrary to proper use.
  6. Consumer will not be entitled to right of cancellation in case of products not manufactured in advance that have been produced on the basis of consumer’s instructions or at consumer’s express request or in case of products that have been clearly tailored to consumer’s person.
  7. Service Provider will reimburse Consumer for the paid amount, including fee of delivery, in accordance with the above statutory provisions, immediately following receipt of the returned product/or receipt of the cancellation statement , but within 14 days at the latest.
  8. During reimbursement, the form of payment corresponding to the form of payment employed during the original transaction will be applied, except when Consumer gives his express consent to using another form of payment; Consumer will not be encumbered by any extra costs resulting from employment of this form of reimbursement.
  9. Consumer is obliged to send the goods back or leave the goods at Service Provider’s address, without any unjustified delay, but by all means not later than 14 days from sending the notice on cancelling the contract to Service Provider.
  10. In the case of cancellation in writing, it is sufficient for Consumer to send the statement on cancellation within 14 days.
  11. Consumer complies with the deadline, if he sends back or hands over the product(s) before the 14 days’ period elapses.
  12. Consumer will bear solely the direct costs of sending the product back, except when the business has agreed to bear such costs.
  13. Service Provider is not obliged to reimburse Consumer for the extra costs that arise from choosing a form of delivery different from the cheapest usual form of carriage offered by Service Provider.
  14. Consumer may be required to take responsibility for decrease in value of the goods exclusively if it occurred owing to handling different from the handling necessary for determining the character, attributes and operation of the goods.
  15. Service Provider may retain the reimbursement until it has received the returned goods or Consumer has provided evidence that he has sent them back: the earlier of the two dates must be taken into account.
  16. If Consumer wants to exercise his right of cancellation, he may indicate this intention in writing to Service Provider’s any contact details (by using the attached data form as well) or by phone. When sending an indication in writing by post, the date of posting and when indicating the above by phone, the indication by phone will be taken into account. In the case of sending the indication by post, Service Provider will accept indication sent as registered mail, package. Consumer may forward the ordered product back to Service Provider by post or courier service.
  17. Consumer must make absolutely sure that the product is used in accordance with proper use, because compensation for any loss arising from use contrary to proper use will be Consumer’s responsibility! Within fourteen days from the date when the returned product is received, Service Provider will reimburse Consumer for the purchase price of the product together with delivery costs.
  18. In the case of purchase and sale of several products, if specific products are delivered at different times, then buyer may exercise his right of cancellation within 14 days from receipt of the product served last, or, in the case of products consisting of several items or pieces, from receipt of the item or piece delivered last.
  19. Government Decree No. 45/2014. (II.26.) on detailed rules of contracts between consumers and businesses is accessible here.
  20. Directive 2011/83/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council is accessible here.
  21. Consumer may request the Service Provider to process his other complaints as well at the contact details specified in the present Regulations.
  22. Right of cancellation shall be due only to Users that are deemed as consumers as set out in the Civil Code.
  23. Right of cancellation shall not be due to businesses, i.e., to persons who act within the scope of their vocation, independent occupation or business activity, especially to wholesalers and resellers!
  24. Procedure of exercise of right of cancellation:
  1. If Consumer wants to exercise right of cancellation, then he will be obliged to send the statement on cancellation containing his intention to cancel to one of the contact details of Service Provider.
  2. Consumer exercises his right of cancellation within deadline, if he sends his statement on cancellation before the 14th day from receipt of the product has expired. In the case of cancellation in writing, it is enough to send the statement on cancellation within 14 days only. When indication is given by post, the date of posting, in the case of notice by email or fax, the time of sending the email message or the fax message will be taken into account.
  3. In case of cancellation, Consumer is obliged to send the ordered product back to Service Provider’s address without any delay but within 14 days from communicating his statement on cancellation at the latest. The deadline shall be deemed as complied with if he sends the product before the 14 days’ deadline has elapsed (so, it does not need to be received within 14 days). The customer shall bear the costs that arise in connection with returning the goods owing to exercise of right of cancellation.


8. Defects liability, warranty

Deficient performance

  1. The obligor performs deficiently if at the time of performance the service does not comply with the quality requirements set out in the contract or statutory provisions. The obligor does not perform deficiently if the obligee knew the defect on the date of concluding the contract or must have know the defect on the date of concluding the contract.

    In contracts between consumers and businesses any stipulations that diverge from the provisions of this chapter applicable to implied warranty and defects liability to the detriment of consumer shall be void.

    Implied warranty
  1. In what cases may Users exercise their implied warranty right?

    Users may enforce implied warranty claim against the business in case of deficient performance of the company that operates the web shop, in accordance with the rules of the Civil Code.
  2. What rights are Users entitled to on the basis of their implied warranty claim?

    Users – as may be elected by them – may exercise the following implied warranty claims: they may request repair or replacement, except when satisfaction of the claim selected by User out of them is impossible or might result in disproportionate extra cost for the business compared to satisfaction of their other claim. If they have not requested or could not have requested repair or replacement, then they may claim proportionate reduction of the valuable consideration or Users may also repair the defects or cause another person to repair the defects at the expense of the business or – at the worst – may cancel the contract. They may switch from their selected implied warranty right to another one, however, Users shall bear the costs of such switching, except when it was justified or it was the business that gave rise to it.
  3. Within what deadline may Users enforce their implied warranty claim?

    Users are obliged to communicate the defect immediately after it was discovered but not later than two months from discovery of the defect. At the same time, we call your attention to the fact that beyond two years’ deadline of limitation (1 year’s time of limitation, in the case of wholesalers and resellers, i.e., non-consumers) calculated from performance of the contract you may no longer enforce your implied warranty rights.
  4. Against whom can they enforce their implied warranty claim?

    Users may enforce their implied warranty claim against the business.
  5. What other terms is enforcement of their implied warranty rights conditional upon?

    Within six months from performance, enforcement of their implied warranty claim is not conditional upon any terms other than communication of the defect, if Users certify that the product or service was provided by the business that operates the web shop. However, after six months from performance have elapsed, Users will be obliged to evidence that the defect recognised by the User existed on the date of performance already.

    Product warranty
  6. In what cases may Users exercise their product warranty right?

    In case of defects of movables (products), consumers– as they may elect – may enforce implied warranty or product warranty claim. Non-consumer users are not entitled to product warranty right.
  7. What rights are due to Users on the basis of their product warranty claim?

    As product warranty claim, Users may request exclusively repair or replacement of the defective product.
  8. In what case is the product deemed as defective?

    The product is defective if it does not comply with the quality requirements effective on the date it was entered to market, or if it does not have the attributes appearing in the specifications provided by the manufacturer.
  9. Within what deadline may Users enforce their product warranty claim?

    Users may enforce their product warranty claim within two years from the date when the product was entered to market by the manufacturer. Once this deadline has elapsed, they will lose this right.
  10. Against whom and under what other conditions may they enforce their product warranty claim?

    They may enforce their product warranty claim exclusively against the manufacturer or distributor of the movable property. In case of enforcing product warranty claim, the defect of the product must be proved by the User.
  11. In what case will the manufacturer (distributor) be exempted from their product warranty obligation?

    The manufacturer (distributor) will be exempted from their product warranty obligation solely if they can evidence that:
  • they manufactured the product or entered the product to market not within the scope of their business activity, or
  • the defect was not recognisable on the date of entering it to market according to the current state of science and technology, or
  • the defect of the product arises from application of statutory provisions or compulsory authority requirements.

It is sufficient for the manufacturer (distributor) to evidence one cause for exemption.

I call your attention to the fact that you may not enforce implied warranty and product warranty claim at the same time, simultaneously with each other owing to the same defect. However, in case of successful enforcement of your product warranty claim, you may enforce your implied warranty claim regarding the replaced product or repaired part against the manufacturer.

Defects liability

  1. In what case may Users exercise their implied warranty right?

    In case of deficient performance, on the basis of stipulation pertaining to compulsory defects liability applicable to certain durable goods, the business that operates the web shop will be obliged to assume defects liability.
    Non-consumer users may not enforce defects liability claim against the Service Provider.
  2. What rights are due and within what deadline to Users on the basis of defects liability?

    The duration of defects liability is one year. The defects liability deadline starts from the date of handing over the consumer goods to the consumer, or, if commissioning is carried out by the distributor or its agent, from the date of putting into operation.
  3. When is the business exempted from defects liability obligation?

    The business will be exempted from its defects liability obligation only in the event that it evidences that the cause of the defect was created after performance. We call your attention to the fact that for the same defect you may not enforce implied warranty and defects liability claim or product warranty and defects liability claim at the same time, simultaneously with each other; whereas Users are entitled to the rights arising from defects liability irrespective of the rights described in the chapters on product and implied warranty.
  4. Service Provider will not have defects liability or warranty for damages resulting from natural wear and tear and for losses that resulted from defective or careless handling, excessive use or impacts different from the specified ones or other use of the products contrary to proper use, after the risk of danger has devolved.


9. Proceedings carried out in case of warranty claim


  1. In the contract between consumers and businesses, the parties’ agreement may not deviate from the provisions of the Decree to the consumer’s detriment.
  2. It is the consumer’s obligation to evidence conclusion of the contract (by invoice or only by receipt).
  3. Costs related to performance of warranty obligations will bind the Service Provider (Section 6:166 of the Civil Code).
  4. Service Provider is obliged to draw up a record of the consumer’s warranty or defects liability claim notified to it.
  5. The copy of the record shall be made available to the consumer immediately in a certifiable form.
  6. If Service Provider cannot make a statement on performability of the consumer’s warranty or defects liability claim at the time it is notified, it will be obliged to notify the consumer of its standpoint – in the case of refusing the claim, of the reasons for refusal and the option for filing an application with the conciliation body as well – within five working days, in a certifiable form.
  7. Service Provider is obliged to keep the record for three years from the date it was drawn up, and present it at the request of the authority that carries out revision.
  8. Service Provider shall take efforts to carry out the repair or replacement maximum within fifteen days.


10. Miscellaneous provisions


  1. Service Provider is entitled to employ subcontractor for performance of its obligation. It shall have full responsibility for its unlawful conduct as if the unlawful conduct had been engaged by Service Provider itself.
  2. If any of the parts of the present Regulations becomes invalid, unlawful or unenforceable, this will not prejudice the validity, lawfulness and enforceability of the rest of the provisions.
  3. If Service Provider does not exercise its right it is entitled to on the basis of the Regulations, failure to exercise such right cannot be regarded as waiver of such right. Waiver of any right is valid solely in the case of express written statement applying thereto. The fact that Service Provider does not insist strictly on any essential terms or stipulations of the Regulations on one occasion does not mean that it waives its right to insist on strict adherence to the relevant terms or stipulations later on.
  4. Service Provider and User will try to settle their disputed issues through amicable negotiations.


11. Rules of complaints management


  1. The goal of our department store is to perform all orders in proper quality, to total satisfaction of the customer. If User might nevertheless have any complaint in connection with the contract or performance thereof, then User may communicate his complaint to the above phone number, email address or by letter too.
  2. Service Provider will immediately investigate oral complaints and if necessary redress them. If the purchaser does not agree with the processing of the complaint or immediate investigation of the complaint is not possible, Service Provider will immediately draw up a record of the complaint and its standpoint concerning it and will hand over one reproduced copy thereof to the purchaser.
  3. Service Provider will respond to written complaints within 30 days in writing. It will give reasons for its standpoint that refuses the complaint. Service Provider will keep the record drawn up of the complaint and the reproduced copy of the respond for five years and will present them to the authorities that check them, at their request.
  4. We inform you that in case your complaint is refused, you may initiate proceedings of authority or conciliation bodies by your complaint at the following contact details.
  5. Service Provider will avail itself of the proceedings of a conciliation body for the sake of settlement of the consumer’ legal dispute.
  6. You may file a complaint with the National Consumer Protection Authority too:

    Address: 1088 Budapest, József krt. 6.
    Correspondence address: 1428 Budapest, PF: 20.
    Central phone number: +36 1 459 4800
    E-mail: nfh@nfh.hu
  7. Or with its regional bodies:

    State Administration Office of the Capital Budapest: Technical, Licensing and Consumer Protection Department General, Consumer Protection Department

    Address: 1052 Budapest, Városház u. 7.
    Postal address: 1364 Budapest, Pf.: 144.
    Phone number: +36-1 450-2598
    E-mail: fogyved_kmf_budapest@nfh.hu

    You find the list of the regional bodies of the National Consumer Protection Authority here: http://www.nfh.hu/teruleti
  8. In case you have a complaint, you will have the option to file an application with the conciliation body, their contact details you can find here: http://www.nfh.hu/node/8579
  9. The powers of the conciliation body include settlement of consumer’s legal disputes out of court proceedings. The duty of the conciliation body is to make an attempt at making an arrangement between the parties in order to settle the consumer’s legal dispute; in case this brings no result, it will adopt decision in the case in order to ensure simple, fast, efficient and cost-effective enforcement of consumer’s rights. The conciliation body, at the request of the consumer or the Service Provider, will give advice in connection with the rights the consumer is entitled to and the obligations the consumer is bound by.
  10. In case of cross-border consumer’s legal disputes related to online purchase and sale or online service contracts, exclusively the conciliation body operating beside the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Budapest will be competent to carry out the proceedings.
  11. In case of having any complaints, Consumers may use the Union’s online dispute resolution platform. Use of the platform requires simple registration in the system of the European Commission, by clicking here. After that, following logging in, the consumer may submit his complaint through the online website is: http://ec.europa.eu/odr
  12. Service Provider is bound by obligation to cooperate in the conciliation body’s proceedings. As part of that, it is obliged to send its response document to the conciliation body and ensure participation of the person authorised to enter into an arrangement in the hearing. If the seat or site of the business is not registered in the county of the chamber that operates the conciliation body competent in the area, the cooperation obligation of the business will extend to offering the possibility of entering into a written arrangement that is in accordance with the consumer’s demands.

12. Copyrights


  1. Since Jatektenger.hu as a website is deemed as a copyrighted work, it is forbidden to download (multiply), mediate to the public again, use in any other manner, store electronically, process and sell the contents that appear on the Jatektenger.hu website or any parts thereof, without the Service Provider’s written consent.
  2. Any material may be adopted from the Jatektenger.hu website and from its database even in case of written consent only by making reference to the relevant website.
  3. Service Provider reserves all of its rights in all of the elements of its service, its domain names, the secondary domain names created by them and its Internet advertising surfaces.
  4. It is forbidden to adapt or decrypt the content of the Jatektenger.hu website or any of its parts; to create user identification codes and passwords in any unfair manner; to use any application by which the Jatektenger.hu website or any parts thereof can be modified or indexed.
  5. The Jatektenger.hu name enjoys copyright protection; its use, except for reference, is possible exclusively with the Service Provider’s written consent.
  6. User acknowledges that in case of use without licence for use Service Provider will be entitled to default penalty. The amount of default penalty is gross HUF 6,000 per picture or gross HUF 2,000 per word. User acknowledges that the stipulation of this default penalty is not excessive, and he will browse the site being aware of this fact. In case of infringement of copyrights, Service Provider will apply notary’s attestation of facts and will recharge its amount to the user that infringes rights.

13. Privacy Policy

The data processing information of the website is accessible on the following site: http://shop.kensho.hu/en/privacy-policy