Shipping & Payment

Receipt of package personally
Delivery to one’s door
Receipt at Pick Pack Point

Receipt of package personally:

  • Address of point of receipt: 1037 Budapest, Csillaghegyi út 13.
  • Please, leave only after the email notice with the message: "We have compiled your package, we are waiting for you at the point of receipt!"
  • Receipt on working days from 9:00 to 17:00 hours
  • In the case of personal receipt, you may pay in cash, by bankcard
  • We do not charge any special fee for receipt, free of charge.

Delivery to one’s door:

  • We show the estimated time of delivery of your order among the website information of the relevant product.
  • We inform you of the condition, changes in the delivery status of your package in notification letters to your specified email address, and you can check them any time under the menu item My orders, in your own account.
  • You can obtain information about the status of your consignment on the basis of the identification number of your order, by the Express One package follow-up application:
  • If the courier does not find you at home, he will leave a notice on your package.
  • Fees:
    1. Fees for delivery to one’s door valid for consumers (for normal packages):
      on the territory of Hungary: gross HUF 1500
      in case of purchases over HUF 20,000 delivery is free of charge
      Delivery abroad to neighbouring countries uniformly, without any value limit: Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Croatia: HUF 6,500
    2. Delivery fee valid for wholesalers, resellers:
      on the territory of Hungary: net HUF 1,180
      Free of charge delivery value limit: net HUF 50,000

Receipt at Pick Pack Point:

Receipt personally at Pick Pack point is just as fast and comfortable as or may be more comfortable than delivery by courier service because:

  • It provides personal receipt now at more than 700 Pick Pack Points, at 240 settlements of the country
  • Our web store sends a message to you when we hand over the package to the Pick Pack Point logistics unit
  • You can follow up the path of the package by the identification code set out in the message on the site
  • If the package has arrived at the selected Pick Pack Point, the service provider will send an email and text message stating that your package can be taken over
  • The package can be taken over for 5 days following the notice, during opening hours any time
  • On Saturdays, what is more on Sundays, day and night, packages can be taken over at certain Points
  • At most of the places, in addition to payment in cash, bankcards are also accepted
  • The maximum weight and dimensions limit of the package: 15 kg and 50x50x50 cm
  • PPP delivery fee: 690 Ft

    Further details on the Pick Pack Point service...