Pick Pack Point


What is a Pick Pack Point?

The Pick Pack Point service provides comfortable, reliable personal receipt of packages at favourable prices at more than 700 Pick Pack Points available at 240 settlements of the country. At these quality points of receipt with long opening hours, you can take over the online purchased products personally for up to 5 working days.

When should you choose receipt at Pick Pack Point?

In the event that:

  • You cannot stay at the delivery address and wait for the courier on the specified day
  • You cannot order the package to be delivered to your place of work
  • delivery by courier would be more expensive
  • you would like to use your free time yourself, take over the package at the place and time that is the most suitable for you

Comfortable receipt of package

Personal receipt at Pick Pack Point is just as fast and comfortable as or more comfortable than delivery by courier because:

  • Our web store sends you a message when we hand over the package to the Pick Pack Point logistics unit
  • you can follow up the path of the package by the identification code set out in the message on the site www.pickpackpont.hu/csomagkereso
  • if the package has arrived at the selected Pick Pack Point, the Service Provider will send email and text message that your package can be taken over
  • the package can be taken over for 5 days from the notice, during opening hours any time
  • on Saturdays, what is more on Sundays, day and night, packages can be taken over at certain Points
  • at most of the places, in addition to payment in cash, bankcards are also accepted

How can I request receipt at Pick Pack Point?

It is possible to select personal receipt at Pick Pack Point when placing the order, in the cash desk process, by selecting the form of delivery option 'Pick Pack Point'.
We look for the Pick Pack Point that is the nearest to you and plan the route to it on the map, or you can set by using a simple roll-down menu at which Pick Pack Point you want to take over the package.

Over a given weight and dimensions limit (15 kg and 50x50x50 cm), unfortunately, this form of receipt is not possible! If your package exceeds any of the parameters, we’ll contact you and consult with you on other possibilities for receipt.

In order to ensure personal receipt as fast as possible, we ask you, if possible, to print the automatic confirming email notice or put down the identification number of the order.

When can the package be taken over?

In Budapest within 1-3 working days, for deliveries in the provinces, within 2-4 working days you can receive your package at the selected Pick Pack Point, once we have handed over the package to the Pick Pack Point courier.

You will get notification on the exact date in email, text message, once your package has arrived there.

When taking over your package, you will have to show an authority card certifying identity (ID card, driver’s licence, passport).
(If the person who takes over the package is not the person specified on the package, then an authorisation signed by two witnesses will be necessary too.)

Fees for receipt at Pick Pack Point:

Fee for receipt at Pick Pack Point: HUF 690; in case of orders over HUF 20.000 free of charge, we do not charge any special fee for cash on delivery service.


Further frequent questions/answers: http://www.pickpackpont.hu/gyakori-kerdesek